We know how puzzling critical illness insurance can be. Essential Benefits makes it easy.

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness insurance pays a lump sum benefit to the insured upon suffering an initial diagnosis of a list of medical conditions. These include heart attack, stroke, cancer, advanced Alzheimer’s Disease, an major organ failure. Partial benefits are paid for coronary bypass surgery and angioplasty.

  • Determine a lump sum benefit amount that suits your family’s income needs. Pick a smaller amount to offset your medical out of pocket expenses or a more significant amount if you need income replacement.
  • Use your benefits to hire domestic help or childcare, to pay for necessary home modifications or for whatever you see fit.
  • Benefits are paid directly to you not to your health insurance carrier or medical provider.

Cancer Insurance

A Cancer diagnosis is a devastating event for the individual and their family. Unfortunately, the financial ramifications of this diagnosis may eventually prove to be the most disastrous. A recent study suggested that, even with health insurance, on average an individual would have $712 of additional expenses each month during their battle with cancer.

  • Cancer Insurance plans include a lump sum initial diagnosis benefit providing you immediate income for lost wages.
  • Benefits are paid directly to you to offset your medical bills or as income replacement for the period of time you are out of work.
  • Benefits are paid for costs you incur that are not covered by your health insurance. Such as: Transportation, lodging and meal benefits for both the insured and the insured’s family, new or experimental treatment options and in-home or hospice care.
  • Premiums are not grouped by age and once the policy is issued, it is guaranteed renewable for life at your initial premium rate.

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