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Disability Insurance

Ensure your financial security during challenging times with disability insurance, providing income replacement benefits if you’re unable to work due to illness or injury.

Who should get disability insurance?

Disability Insurance is paycheck protection. What does this mean? Well, in short, it means that if you lose your job because of any health or accident cause you will have an income source from your disability coverage plan.Your health insurance may cover the “repair” or care of your body, but it does not cover the possibility of not being able to work to support yourself or your family. Disability Insurance can replace up to 66% of your income on a tax-deferred basis if you are unable to perform the duties of YOUR job.

Disability coverage has three moving parts that determines your premium.

  • How Much: Purchased in increments of $1000, how much insurance do you need. Cover your rent or mortgage if you have savings you can draw on or cover all of your bills if need be.

  • When: This type of insurance has an exclusion, or waiting period, embedded in the plan. The longer we can wait to receive our benefits, the less the plan costs. Waiting periods can be as short as 0 days for an accident and up to 90 days for an accident or illness. If your savings allow you to go a month without income, premium savings are realized by excluding the first thirty days of a disability versus needing income immediately.

  • How Long: Policies can provide coverage for as little as 3 months and up to age 65 per incident.

Disability coverage helps when a key employee becomes disabled.

  • If a key employee is unable to work / earn income for the business, disability insurance can pay benefits to the business to pay for ongoing business expenses, overhead costs, etc.

  • Disability insurance can also pay benefits to the business to offset the expense of making a temporary hire to replace a disabled partner in the business.

Hear What Our Clients Have to Say

“Great service from a first class, expert health insurance specialist who really knows the small group and individual business.
David F.
Fullerton, CA
“Navigating small business insurance in WA State is difficult. I think finding a fabulous insurance broker is equally as difficult. Gordon came as a referral from a dear friend who has utilized his services for many years. Gordon didn't disappoint. He is knowledgeable, very responsive, and I always felt he had my best interest at heart as we navigated my unique situation. Even if you are in the individual market, he can help you there as well.
Tammy W.
Seattle, WA
“My husband and I have a COBRA plan which is set to expire and no other health insurance benefits through work. Gordon expertly helped us find new health insurance at a lower price starting next year - and walked us through the pros and cons of each plan on the Health Plan Finder. It would have been impossible to navigate this on our own. It is a very scary time to be without health insurance and limited income - and we are deeply grateful for his guidance and expertise as we will now have coverage at a lower premium for 2021. Most importantly some peace of mind. Thank you Gordon.
Margaret K.
Seattle, WA
“Working with Gordon has been an AMAZING experience. He is so knowledgable and easy to work with always looking out for my best interests. Just moving to WA from CA, I was totally lost when it came to finding a good plan and he gave me really great options and advice. He is easy to get ahold of and is always very responsive. I highly recommend him to everyone if you need help finding health insurance!!! I can't say enough good things about him and his business.
Nicolle R.
Seattle, WA
“Just got some incredibly useful health insurance information from Gordon in a quick call that saved me literally hours of time. Will be calling back for a more extended consultation. Thanks, Gordon!
Foodie G.
Seattle, WA
“In the midst of a job transition, I was exploring my health insurance benefits and was referred to Gordon. He immediately helped and gave me sound advice even though it wasn't in his own best financial interest. I appreciate his candor, responsiveness and integrity. I would wholeheartedly recommend him!
Matt S.
Burlingame, CA
“I can't say enough about Gordon. He is professional, knowledgeable and was able to get me a great plan and save me money. He knows so much about all the providers and what he doesn't know he will research quickly. He's reliable, responsible, professional and knows his stuff. I'd be thrilled to recommend him to anyone.
Rebecca Y.
Seattle, WA
“Excellent!!! Great, knowledgeable service, fast & with a friendly 'can-do' demeanor. Invaluable!
Ed B.
South Beach, San Francisco, CA
“Gordon helped our small business through the process of obtaining health insurance for the first time. We couldn't be happier with the service we received. He was incredibly responsive and helped us get the application submitted and approved very quickly. He is a great communicator and goes beyond any similar broker I have worked with in terms of the depth of his explanations and his willingness to be available to our employees for any insurance related questions. We strongly recommend Essential Benefits!!
Elizabeth P.
Seattle, WA
“I started working with Gordon to get personal insurance because my employers insurance wouldn't cover a surgery that I needed. When we hit a road block in the individual market, Gordon offered to consult with my boss and explore other opportunities that were available. It was a win win for everyone I was able to get my surgery covered and my boss was so impressed that he hired Gordon as our new insurance broker! The level of service that Gordon has provided to me and my office has been utterly incredible.
Kristen O.
Seattle, WA
“HIGHLY recommend!! I was completely lost without Gordon and he was able to help me understand my options and held my hand (figuratively) as we signed me up for plans. His responses were always timely, professional, and clear. If you're a small business owner and looking for help with the insurance process, Gordon is the best.
joanna h.
Seattle, WA
“Gordon was a total life saver!! I gave him all the information that he needed(doctors that I wanted to stay with how often I go to the doctor etc.) He research it all and narrowed it down for me and helped me choose the best plan for myself. I can not say enough great things about him. Picking an insurance plan is so stressful but it absolutely does not have to be if you work with Gordon, I promise he will make your life so much easier!
Mallory R.
Seattle, WA

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